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i love, therefore i am.

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We should talk about Him more, and all that He does for us. 
God’s the best thing happening, why aren’t we yelling it to the world? 
Better than a connect on early Js. Better than a discount code for virgin hair.
Better than Kobe comin back and takin us to the ‘ships!
My God is awesome. And if your god is my God then you should understand me.
All the glory belongs to Him. In order for him to get that glory we have to share our stories.
We ALL have rough times and hard stories, but if we strip away the judgment, step away from fear and tell our brother and sisters the goodness of The Lord perhaps we can shift our mindset from one of no trust and competition to one of love and support.
Let’s do better. We know there is better, better than we live, than we think, than we want.
I’m starting a thing here on IG that I’ll share on Facebook. I’m calling it #TestimonyTuesday! Simply post a story, no matter how long or short, about something God has done for you. Examples include: keeping you in school, you walking away from that accident, having a healthy baby, bringing you out of depression. The list of blessings is endless!
Please join in on my mission to share with the world the goodness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you, have a blessed day.
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